BIOGRAPHY (Recent Selected One Person* & Group Exhibitions - for more listings see full bio)
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*2009 The Abud Family Foundation of the Arts "SHE"
2008 Kouros Gallery, New York, NY, He/She Series - Sequel (catalogue)
2007 Kouros Gallery, New York, NY, "Accrochage"
*2006 Kouros Gallery, New York, NY,Selections from the He/She Series
2006 Heidi Cho Gallery, New York, NY, To the Moon Alice
*2006 New Hope Sidetracks Gallery, New Hope, N.Y. "Absence.Remembrance.Presence"
2006 William Patrerson U. Galleries "Luminous Depths" (catelogue) Six Women Explore The Ancient Art of Encaustic Painting
2004-2005 R&F Art Gallery Kingston, NY, Unbound Selected Artists from the Art of Encaustic Painting
2004 Arlene Bujese Gallery, E. Hampton, NY 10
2003-2004 Montclair Museum of Art, Montclair NJ, Growing Up
2003 Cervini Haas Gallery, Scottsdale AZ, Earth & Sky: Meditations
*2003 Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York, NY, Suburbia Revisited & Eulogy Series
*2002 Laurel Tracey Gallery, Red Bank, NJ, Two Decades of Encaustic
2002 Cummings Art Center, Connecticut College, New London, CT, Hot Wax
*2002 Melanee Cooper Gallery, Chicago, IL, Three Series: Suburbia, Eulogy for Sonia, Summer of 99
2001 Cervini Haas Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ, The Art of Encaustic
*2001 Arlene Bujese Gallery, East Hampton, NY Selections From a Fragile Balance
*2000-2001 Abramson Raimondo Gallery, Edgewater, NJ Selections From a Fragile Balance
1999 Montclair, NJ, Montclair Art Museum;
Knoxville KY, Knoxville Museum of Art, Waxing Poetic: Encaustic Art in America (catalogue)
*1999 Staten Island, NY, Museum of Art and Science, Selections From A Fragile Balance (catalogue)
1999 New York, NY, E. Peterson Gallery, Marilyn
*1998 New York, NY E. Peterson Gallery, Rachel Friedberg: The White Paintings (catalogue)