HOUSE POEMS (page 4)
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The sense of fragility in Adrift has a less dreamy and more vulnerable quality in Glass House. The house is, again, a densely solidly painted form that implies stability and impermeability, but also has exquisite shadings of aqua that float through it, as though it were made of milk glass. Around this solid ivory block within a field of white are inscribed simple lines to form a sort of bandstand or castle with tiny flags flying. On top, the body of a nude woman is impaled. The title certainly refers to the loss of freedom and the violence of psychological violation implied by the proverbial glass house.

In some works from this series, the background more overtly sets the tone than in others. In Summer, the background glows with the heat of summer and warm laziness. In Night Rider, the house takes on the sense of an ominous circus. It is a night scene - very black - with implications of dark sexuality.

The mood of the "House Poems" is melancholic. Even the more looming figures and ominous presences do not break the boundaries of this reverie. The diverse moods of individual works take over only after one has absorbed the tonal unity that underlies the entire series.