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The last set of images concerning women and sexuality utilizes the stereotype of the femme fatale rather than the submissive Other. These women play their roles with greater or lesser amounts of aggression, but nevertheless sexuality overwhelm and disarm the male. In Couple with Ladder the grotesque female with wide open eyes and mouth seems to penetrate the shadow of a man with her exaggeratedly pointed breasts. In Red Mules the big-breasted, big-bodied woman adjusts her garter, awaiting her next male visitor, clad only in red mules. The visibly limp-organed male hesitates outside, from fear of failure of some terrorizing desire we cannot know. It is a Munchian image of impotence and anxiety before the image of the mindless but devouring female body. Powerful though they may be visually, I find these two images lacking in the subtle turns of meaning and rich ambivalence contained in the other works dealing with female sexuality. They leave little room for renegotiating the position of the aggressive femme fatale. Woman with Boa, however, belongs to this group yet contains those subtle manipulations of meaning through gesture and space that exist in Friedberg's best work. A woman in high heels, hair ornament, robe and feathered boa sits bare and cross-legged, looking wide-eyed but hesitantly rather than boldly out at her audience. A dark, ominous space next to her encompasses half the canvas. This femme fatale does not restructure the meaning of that image of woman, but does create an intervention into the stereotype in the form of the inappropriately frail and naive representative of that type. A final, powerful image concerning male/female sexual relationships is entitles Walking to Cythera. The figures in this contemporary recreation of Antoine Watteau's island of love are swept up in emotional involvements that range from sexual violence to tender embrace. It is a spectacle of sexual entrapments and pleasures. Here, Friedberg skillfully employs her vocabulary of reductive ciphers to produce an impacted web of mythical and social resonances.